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IMMUNFORCE – to support the immune system

Bioactive food supplement with echinacea + 11 herbs to support the body’s resistance.


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OGYEI notification number: 14637/2014


Wide range of natural active ingredients with Echinacea + 11 herbs to support the body’s resistance.

Harnesses the power and interaction of 12 herbs in a single mechanism to support the immune system and strengthen our body’s defenses.

ImmunForce is one of Calendula Clinic’s best-known and most popular supplements.

Like the other Calendula Pharma products, it has been developed based on traditional recipes and methods used in Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese and Ancient Arabic medicine, adapted to the European human body.


  • Pale purple coneflower
  • Clover
  • Indian tansy
  • Bibhitaki
  • Amla fruit
  • Turmeric
  • Fenugreek
  • Liquorice
  • Asian ginseng
  • Cloves
  • Ceylon cinnamon
  • Ginger


  • Echinacea (pale purple coneflower) has an immune stimulant chemical composition, and ginseng increases the body’s immune biological capabilities.
  • The healing properties of liquorice strengthen the protective functions of the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tract, thus preventing the development of infectious processes.
  • Thanks to its high content of ascorbic acid, amla fruit has a unique antioxidant effect and also contains substances that promote the production of interferon.
  • The fruits of the bibhitaki and Indian tannins are used to strengthen immunity, neutralise negative effects on the body and normalise the body’s activity.
  • Fenugreek seeds help the absorption of nutrients, both at the digestive and cellular level.
  • Cloves have antiseptic (bactericidal) properties, reduce gas formation in the intestines and strengthen the immune system.
  • Cinnamon and ginger normalise the enzymatic functions of the body.
  • PALE PURPLE CONEFLOWER: helps maintain joint mobility and flexibility. Supports the immune system and the body’s natural defences.
  • AMLA: supports mental function and the health of our five senses, especially vision. Helps maintain oral and throat health. Supports the body’s resistance to stress.
  • TURMERIC: helps maintain healthy liver function, supports blood circulation and heart function.
  • FENUGREEK: supports the proper functioning of the stomach and intestinal tract.
  • LIQURICE: helps maintain the body’s energy levels.
  • ASIAN GINSENG: supports the natural defences of the immune system. Helps protect cells through its antioxidant properties.

In combination with other Calendula Pharma products:

LUNGVITAL + COLDFORTE + IMMUNFORCE – is a complex for preventing colds in the cold season. Use is recommended between September and April.

LUNGVITAL – for diseases of the lungs and bronchi. COLDFORTE is used to treat diseases of the upper airways. In combination with IMMUNFORCE, they lead to rapid recovery.


Adults are recommended to take 3*2 capsules daily. 12-18 years of age, the recommended daily dose is 3*1 capsules.


  • Pregnant women should refrain from using it in the first trimester!
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.
  • Keep out of reach of children!
  • The supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle!


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