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LIFE BALANCE (Xiao yao san)–to maintain body balance

Based on the recipe of the XIAO YAO SAN traditional Chinese product!

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Capsules to soothe the liver and relieve congestion, strengthen the spleen.
What symptoms does it treat?
Mental disorders, emotional distress, anxiety, stress, neurasthenia, depression, neurosis, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual disorders, pains, cramps, functional uterine bleeding, menopause, mammary hyperplasia, fibroids and breast cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease, breast adenoma, prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, infertility, impotence, hepatitis, cirrhosis, gallbladder inflammation, loss of appetite.
When to use it?
In chills, fever, headache, dizziness, dry mouth and throat, lethargy, reduced appetite, chest tightness, intermittent empty pulse, premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


Supports the elimination of congestion, inflammations, spasms, normal functioning of the female and male organs, healthy functioning of the body.


  • Japanese angelica extract
  • Bupleuri extract
  • Atractylodis extract
  • Poria extract
  • True liquorice extract.


  • Atractylodis extract: blood purifier, effective for loss of appetite, weight loss.
  • Poria extract: immune booster and anti-inflammatory:
  • Japanese angelica: increases the body’s resistance, supports healthy functioning of the female and male urogenital systems.
  • True licorice: maintains normal functioning of the stomach and intestinal tract.


3*2 / days

180 pieces / packing


  • Pregnant women should refrain from using it in the first trimester!
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily amount. Keep out of reach of children!
  • Dietary supplement is not a substitute for a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle!

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